nostalgia 2021.12.27


“nostalgia” meaning - [향수]
each day I find myself in a loop,
asking myself “where do I belong?”

If there is a place I could run away to at this moment,
that place would be the “past”.

#1. nostalgia - JUNNY, JAY B

작사 : JUNNY, jane, Def.

작곡 : JUNNY, jane, Def. 

편곡 : no2zcat, Sutt

Guitar by Greentea Kim, 김지섭
Bass by 윤석호
Synth by no2zcat, Sutt
Drum by no2zcat

Background vocals JUNNY

#2. solo - JUNNY, lullaboy

작사 : lullaboy, JUNNY, Zayson

작곡 : lullaboy, JUNNY, Zayson

편곡 : Zayson

Bass/Guitar by Zayson

Synths by Zayson

Drums by Zayson
Background Vocals by JUNNY, lullaboy